The new school year checklist

Do you already have a band or orchestra instrument?

  • Have you checked to make sure that it’s in proper working order? We are always willing to assess band and orchestra instruments at no charge.
  • Did you use up any of your consumables like oil, strings, rosin or reeds? Most of those parts are readily available for purchase here.
  • Is the instrument still suitable for the student’s skill level? We do have an instrument trade-in program if you’re ready for a step-up instrument.

Do you need to acquire a band or orchestra instrument?

  • We offer a competitive and comprehensive rent to own program
  • We have stock of used (but freshly maintained) and new band and orchestra instruments available for purchase
  • We also offer easy, no-gimmick financing for instruments priced over $1000

Do you know what other music supplies you need?

Most of the time, teachers will require other materials or supplies for instruction. Usually, they will supply parents with a list specifying what other items to get in addition to an instrument.

  • Method book(s)
  • Music stand
  • Reeds (for woodwind instruments)
  • Strings (for orchestral instruments)
  • Oil and/or grease (for brasswind instruments)
  • Cleaning cloths or swabs
  • Straps (for saxophones)
  • Private lessons at Beller’s